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STOP Association and Fatima

Even though we are a universal, scientific and cultural entity with no religious or political affiliations, the roots of the STOP the Destruction of the World Association (STOP) are intimately connected to the town of Fatima, which is where I first had the inspiration for the organization. That inspiration led us to make the Virgin Mary the guardian and protector of STOP.

In her apparitions, the Virgin Mary clearly warned humanity about the imminence of the First and Second World Wars. Later she talked about a possible third great conflict that would be more serious than the previous ones, and stressed that this would be an inevitable occurrence if human beings didn’t convert to goodness. At Fatima, she also advised that if Russia could be consecrated to her, solving world tensions would be easier.
At this difficult time for humanity, I believe that only by working together with each other and with higher spiritual beings will we be able to accomplish our peaceful objectives.

Website: www.stop.org.br

STOP The Destruction of the World Association